InnovAntennas use the very latest in electromagnetic computer design technology in conjunction with Particle Swarm Optimisation methods (considered to be the best in optimisation technology today) to produce some of the most innovative and high performance antenna solutions available today.

Exclusive designs from some of the world's top antenna designers have been turned into professionally built, mechanically excellent antennas with a focus upon being manufactured the right way not the most cost effective way. A number of variants of each model can be produced in order to cater for the real-world requirements of both the commercial and ham customer. Considerations for light-weight, high wind handling ability, portability and long-term durability mean that no-one mechanical design can deliver a best-of-breed for all scenarios. At InnovAntennas we appreciate this fact and aim to deliver the product you want rather than the product that is most profitable for us.

Our antennas are not designed to provide the best 'on-paper' gain figures, instead we design our antennas for the requirements of the band in question and for the specific purpose the antenna will be used. For example, on many HF bands, optimising an antenna for maximum gain is the way to go in most cases (but not all) provided a near 50 Ohm impedance can be maintained through its bandwidth. However, on most VHF and all UHF bands, optimising in such a way is detrimental to the receive performance of the antenna and therefore inappropriate for the antenna to be designed this way. This is assuming the antenna needs to receive as well as it does transmit. In many cases, never-achieved-before attributes such as Sky Temperature and G/T Figures are better with InnovAntennas Yagis (per metre of boom) than any other Yagi, period*. If you want to be assured of the absolute best performance and antenna stability, along with design consideration for your intended use, InnovAntennas are your only option.


Make your next antenna decision a wise one !!

If it is quality and performance you seek then look no further. InnovAntennas provide unparalleled performance from design to build.

Your antennae are PERFECT!!! After tuning all 4 antennae where 1.0:1 for 250KHz. I can also hear better than many bigger stations, AMAZING!!! Dino VE7DXT

Many THANKS for yor excellent work in the design of these aerials, it reduced my local noise level by at least 4 s points. Best 73s Dave G3MWV

I put the antenna up and it works good. SWR is 1.1:1 from 144 to 145MHz. It performs well and noise is less than before 73 9A9SF

I have to say the reduction in hash noise is just phenomenal, well done on this design Dick G0LFF

fb your antenna ,very good . SWR 1:1 50.0 to 51.9 fantastic. Gd Luck 'Peter EA6BB

The 144MHz 8el LFA has very little noise, I used it in the last contest with great results, it is very interesting! Errico IK8YSW

I saw that when I switched to the old antenna there are a lot of spurius signals in the band ( urban noise). With LFA all spectrum was very clear, now I can say that this antenna is the best for very low and urban noise. Cesare, IV3MUR

yesterday evening I showed some friends the difference between the 5 ele M2 and the 10 ele LFA, both beaming to PY. On the M2 I have the local CT beacon with 559 of the back and on the LFA not even a trace. Impressive! Joe CT1HZE

Thanks to your great antenna design (2m 14ele LFA) I more than doubled my 2m grids after just a few sessions of EME. I finally received enough cards to have them field checked a couple of weeks ago for my 2m VUCC. Dan KF6A

Just to let you know my LFA4 ele 3'5 mtr boom antenna is now up and running, had my first ever contact SM3BEINeville G4SPD'

* When compared with traditional split or folded dipole fed Yagis on the VE7BQH list