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14-MHz High Power 5-Pole Band Pass Filter

HIGH Power, HIGH Isolation, LOW Insertion Loss 5-Pole Band Pass Filter for 14.000 to 14.350-MHz
4o3a series s bpf

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Manufacturer: Sky Sat d.o.o. / 4O3A

The 4O3A High Power 5-pole (Series S) Monoband Band Pass Filters (“BPF’) are just the ticket for contesting on multiple bands with multiple transceivers SO2R or multi-operator.  These filters are also very effective in managing difficult RFI situations; they will help keep out of band RF from desensing your receiver and will suppress harmonics and broadband ‘hash’ from radiated by your transmitter.

The Sky Sat 4O3A product line, sold & supported by InnovAntennas, is the result of many years of contest winning experience and development.  The pitfalls of underperforming mainstream products have been overcome to provide high-performing products giving serious contesters––and DXers––trouble-free functionality to ensure the points––and new DXCCs––keep racking up!  In two short years Sky Sat’s customer base has expanded to include many of the world’s leading contesters and contest stations including 4O3A, OH8X, ES5TV, PY5EG, S51A, WX3B, DR1A, LZ9W, LX8I, K3WW, UA3AB, S52X, II9P, et al.

Series S Band Pass Filters Advantages & Features:

  • Models for each HF ‘Contest Bands’: 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m and also the WARC bands 30m, 17m and 12m as well as 6m. 
  • Compare 4O3A’s high power 5-pole BPF designs vs. competitors’ low power 3-pole designs.
  • Suppression of adjacent amateur bands typically > 55dB.
  • Low in-band insertion loss, typically < 0.4dB with return loss typically > 25dB (note:  higher return loss figures = lower SWR / loss; higher is better when speaking of return loss).
  • Each filter will handle up to 4,500 watts at SWR < 1.5:1 (above 1,500W with included 12-VDC 50-mA cooling fan engaged).
  • Robust components and construction employing silver-plated high-Q coils, high-current military grade capacitors and heavy duty aluminum enclosures with mounting flanges for secure installation on your bulkhead system or elsewhere in your shack.
  • Will dramatically diminish radiated harmonic and broadband energy (a/k/a ‘hash’) from your transmitter and help prevent your receiver desensing in the presence of nearby transmitters especially in contest environments where simultaneous transmission and reception on multiple bands is required for maximum performance.  Such scenarios can be particularly acute without external filtering at stations with closely collocated antennas including antennas for different bands on a common tower.
  • Both the 4O3A Series S and Series L BPFs are rated at 4,500 watts transmit power that enables them to be installed in line between linear amplifier and antenna for suppression of harmonics and transmitted broadband noise after the final amplification stage.  In contrast, BPFs from other manufacturers are limited to 200 watts and do nothing to suppress harmonics or ‘hash’ after the linear amplification stage.
  • Contest stations operating in SO2R and multi-operator modes commonly have dedicated antenna systems for each HF contesting band 1.  Installing 4O3A Higher Power BPFs in the antenna line after the linear amplifier and antenna switch means the right filter will always be in circuit on the band/antenna combination in use and the operator will never have to be concerned with switching filters between transceiver and linear amplifier in the midst of a contest.
    • Contest stations using Triband antennas to cover 20m, 15m and 10m can use the 4O3A High Power HF Triplexer/Combiner in conjunction with Series S BPFs to operate simultaneously with a high level of isolation on all three bands with multiple stations sharing the same antenna!  Link to Triplexer/Combiner page here.
  • A single set of 4O3A BPFs is all but the largest contest stations will ever need; no need for separate filter sets and switching systems for each transceiver (the later one more thing that can fail during a contest) and no need for large coils of coaxial stub filters cluttering your shack!  (Note:  coaxial stub filters do not mitigate broadband transmitted hash.)
  • SO-239 connectors are standard; N and 7/16-inch DIN connectors optional (contact InnovAntennas Sales Team for your special connector order)
  • The cooling fan is now standard and should be engage for high duty cycle transmission modes (such as RTTY) at 1,500W and for all transmission modes between 1,500W and 4,500W.



3,5-3,9 MHz

7-7,3 MHz

14-14,35 MHz

21-21,45 MHz

28-29 MHz

Insertion loss typical






Attenuation on nearest band





















Return loss









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